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AV Components - Wall Plate Models & Accessories
Model Description Pricing
Galil 2-C
2.5?Inch Closed?back Ceiling Speakers - Priced Individually. Sold in Boxes of 18
List: $50.00
HSL Secure Isolator 1-Port Video DVI-I, PP 3.0
List: $285.00
Secure Isolator 1-Port Video HDMI
List: $308.00
Secure Isolator 1-Port Video DisplayPort
List: $335.00
Secure Isolator 1-Port Video DVI-I
List: $305.00
Single RJ-45 Pass Through
List: $35.00
Passive Wall Plate - 15-pin HD, 3.5mm & 3 RCA
List: $49.00
W-DP (W)
Wall Plate Insert - DisplayPort Pass-Through, White
List: $36.00
4K60 4:2:0 2 HDMI to HDBaseT Wall Plate (Black & White)
List: $625.00
HDMI (F) to HDMI (F) Insert, White
List: $36.00
4p+Mini Headphone Connectors to Terminal Block A
List: $30.00
BNC+Mini Headphone Connector to Terminal Block A
List: $30.00
Passive Wall Plate - 15-pin HD, 3.5mm, USB & 3 RCA
List: $95.00
Active Wall Plate - 15-pin HD, 3.5mm Stereo Audio Line Ampl
List: $270.00
Frame-2G (W)
Frame for Wall Plate Inserts - 2 Gang (White)
List: $55.00
Pass-Through Wall Plate Insert, Grey
List: $22.00
Wall Plate insert - USB3.0 Type C(F) to Type A(F) Cable
List: $65.00
Wall Plate insert - USB3.0 Type C(F) to Type A(F) Cable
List: $65.00
Passive Wall Plate - RCA, s-Video & Dual 3.5mm Stereo Audio
List: $60.00
2 x USB 2.0 (A/A) Wall Plate Insert - Black
List: $55.00
2 x USB 2.0 (A/A) Wall Plate Insert - Gray
List: $55.00
2 x USB 2.0 (A/A) Wall Plate Insert - White
List: $55.00
1:2 HDMI Distribution Amplifier
List: $265.00
1:3 Composite Video Distribution Amplifier
List: $155.00
1:3 s-Video Distribution Amplifier
List: $90.00
1:2 Composite Video Distribution Amplifier
List: $105.00
8?Input ProScale Presentation Switcher/Scaler
List: $2,695.00
4K60 4:2:0 HDMI 1?Gang PoE Wall?Plate Transmitter with RS?232 & IR over Long?Reach HDBaseT *****Comes with both the Black and White face plates*****
List: $435.00
l-plate Transmitter over PoC Long-Reach DGKat (EU, UK, US-D)
List: $285.00
Wall-plate Receiver over PoC Long-Reach DGKat (EU, UK, US-D)
List: $285.00
Passive Wall Plate 15?pin HD, 3.5mm Audio & HDMI Connectors
List: $60.00
Passive Wall Plate 15?pin HD, 3.5mm Audio & HDMI Connectors
List: $60.00
Passive Wall Plate 15?pin HD, 3.5mm Audio & HDMI Connectors
List: $60.00
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